What Our Clients Have To Say!

He is the best!I have gone to him many times and had pain reliefHe gives home exercises that help you heal quicklyI refer all my patients that have pain to himThank you Dr Lesch

Laura D.

Satisfied Client

Doc helped me when I was in so much pain I thought I’d never work again! 16 years later still working, playing golf, walking 30 to 40 miles a week! Believe it he can help you!!

Tom W.

Satisfied Client

I highly recommend John.He has been my go to whenever something's not work right

Larry P.

Satisfied Client

“All I have to say is OMG. First patient this morning, neck pain into left trap, not responding post MVA. Did the traction with extension, gone. Did pressups with pillow, lbp gone. This is unbelievable.”

Dr. Carol Grant

Satisfied Client

"Learning your approach has been revolutionary! Thanks for helping me 'master' the disc."

Brian Corlett, DC

Satisfied Client

"Great seminar. I started Monday using what I learned in my office. It really is nice to see results so quickly."

Christopher Donoghue, DC

Satisfied Client

This guy is great he was there for me when I was going through a lot when I got her in the job. Took care of me good guy

Albert B.

Satisfied Client

Dr. Lesch taught me so much about how to take care of my back and now when it goes out, I can put it back together myself!

Kirsta M.

Satisfied Client

Dr. Jon does a great job accessing his patients and treating them accordingly, I highly recommend himI must say Dr Lesch worked wonders for me, I like to call him “ Dr. Pain” , would highly recommend

Aileen C.

Satisfied Client

Dr. Jon is amazing! Sometimes it may take a little time to get out of pain. But if anyone can help you it is Lesch Chiropractic have no doubt.

Joy L.

Satisfied Client

He's simply THE BEST!

Sandra F.

Satisfied Client

I went to Dr. Lesch several months ago. I had severe pain in my left calf, ankle and foot after extended sitting. Dr. Lesch determined what was causing my issue. He gave me simple daily stretches to do. I haven’t had to take any ibuprofen since then! None. This man changed my life!

Robert C.

Satisfied Client

Dr. Lesch thoroughly evaluated my lower back pain before diagnosing the most probable source and recommending simple and easy exercises for treatment. He also made sure I understood the problem and why the prescribed treatment should alleviate my pain. It worked!

Mark S.

Satisfied Client

Seriously the besttt Chiropractor caring and kind. Does not just crack your back He finds solutions with awesome results !!Look no further best Chiropractor right here 😊thank you Dr.!!

Mary Ann C.

Satisfied Client

I have been going to Lesch Chiropractic for about a month now and I can not be more happier with my results. John has done wonders with helping me get rid of the constant pain I was having in my neck and back. I highly recommend Lesch Chiropractic

William C.

Satisfied Client

Dr. Lesch is a wonderful chiropractor, and also a very kind , friendly , Down to earth person . He has helped my daughter and my husband for years , and is very good! My daughter has severe anxiety, and does not do well with providers with no personality ; on top of helping her neck a lot , which has bulging disks , he makes her feel very comfortable , which is not easy with her . My husband has on going back issues , and he is always a good help to him, and very friendly as well . I would highly recommend him 😊

Melanie G.

Satisfied Client

Dr. Lesch took time w my daughter to figure her out thoroughly before going ahead w anything.. he educated us, was super personable, and everything he did worked! Highly recommend!!

Shannon G.

Satisfied Client

I am 69 years old, and was always sceptical about chiropractors. My primary doc sent me here last November. Dr. Lesch figured out my problem, and gave me very easy daily exercizes. I cannot express how happy I am. This man can change your life. I am pain free with absolutly not even a Tylenol

Robert C.

Satisfied Client

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